Gifts For AngelFlower

Refund Policy

Please note that our company is not responsible for inaccurate information on recipient address, phone etc. Flowers are perishable products so please make sure you have correct postal address and phone number before you place an order.

In Personal Delivery its our company responsibility to deliver on time because recipient already submit us all necessary documents, address details, phone number and identifications proofs.we will call them before deliver products.

We do refunds in all cases excluding:

  1. 1. Inaccurate information on recipient which was the matter of order delivery delay caused eventual damage of perishable products.
  2. 2. Recipient refused to accept merchandise from us for unknown reason.
  3. 3. Customer placed an order and then decided to cancel it.
  4. 4. The city or country for delivery is not Ukraine or Russia.
  5. 5. Flowers perished suddenly due to the inapropriate storage conditions.

If the recipient does not allow us to take picture or video on delivery then its cost will not be refunded and it is possible to get picture or video on delivery of future order (in case recipient does not mind).