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Questions on how our website operates :-

1:- Are you a part of some dating sites?


Yes, Love For Angles(Ukrainian and Russian Dating Site) www.love4angels. But even though many of our clients working with other dating sites and agencies also. But we offer only gifts and service to people who want to secure their personal information for their own personal reasons.


2:-What is Reference ID you provide ?

 We offer Reference ID to a person  who does not want to share their  personal  information(Home address, Phone number, email, office address or any kind of personal details) with a sender up to certain period of time. Reference ID Recipient personal information is confidential and cannot be disclose without permission. so if sender want to send gifts or flowers and recipient dont want to disclose his/her address or contact details(Reference ID services mostly used by our dating sites /marriage bureau/army/secure governmental address ,Famous models etc ) he/she just need to fill form with reference id number and correct name .


3:- Requirements to get Reference Id ?

 Register Free on our website must be a permanent resident of UKRAINE or RUSSIA.You must need to submit all your necessary documents like Passport scan copies, residence proof except passport address, shipping address detail(can be changeable).A Person need to send a proof that he/she involves in dating sites, marriage bureau, any secure governmental area , Modeling etc. For more details you can email us.


4:- Do I have to pay for any of your services extra except  product cost  and shipping?


No, We  donot have any extra charges. you will only pay for product and shipping charge.


5:-  Do you offer any discounts?


No, Currently we are not offering any discounts on prices or on products and services but during  time of occasions and celebrations ,we do offer discounts. you need to check our NEWS in information. we update about discounts on that column.


6:-  Can I talk to a lady on the phone?


Soon, we will going to launch calling  services. you need to get in touch with us and always check  latest news on our site.


7:- .Can I video chat with reference id holder?

 Sorry, This feature is not available on our services.