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Ultimate Rose: 5 to 6ft Fresh Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

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Product Description

he Ultimate Long Stem Red Rose was developed in the worlds ultimate place for growing roses, South America. Grown in the enriched, volcanic soil of the Ecuadorian countryside, The Ultimate Fresh Long Stem Red Rose begins its life journey at an elevation of more than 9,500 feet. They are grown in special environments using special nutrients to achieve their size. Each Ultimate Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet luxury flower arrangement contains full leaves, enhanced for beauty, thus eliminating the need for additional filler for the vase. They exhibit super-size characteristics including:

  • Very thick stems, approximately 1 cm in diameter at the base
  • Russian-cut featuring 65 or more petals
  • Large flower red rose heads that are 3 to 4 inches across
  • A Pianki exclusive 16 rose bouquet in 3 foot, 4 foot, and 5-6 foot sizes


16 Fresh Ultra-Long Stemmed Red Roses 5 ft to 6 ft in length Russian Cut

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